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50 Things I Think I Know

50 Things I Think I Know


Lots going on in the world today. Lots to think about. Lots to worry about. Lots to wonder about. I compiled this list shortly after my 50th birthday as a way to take stock of where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m going. All in all, I am a lucky, lucky boy. Hope you find something useful, or at least entertaining. All the best!

1. I generally take myself too seriously

2. Hard work is all you can do, but doesn’t guarantee success

3. More ideas = more good ideas (and plenty of bad ones too)

4. Naps are underrated

5. Farts are funny. Always

6. Happiness is a choice

7. Forgiveness is a choice

8. Pizza is not a choice. It is mandatory

9. Forgiving and forgetting are not mutually exclusive

10. The only way out is through

11. Objects in the rearview mirror are frequently irrelevant

12. What happened is usually neither as good nor as bad as we remember

13. Following your gut is rarely fatal and usually fruitful

14. Flossing sucks but do it anyway

15. The third cup/glass/bottle/piece/helping/slice/hour of anything is usually a bad idea

16. No major decisions after 10pm or 2 drinks

17. Sleep more

18. Move more

19. Love more

20. Praise more

21. Help more

22. Listen more

23. Meditate more

24. Thank more

25. Think more

26. Laugh more

27. Eat less

28. Judge less

29. Hate less

30. Spend less

31. Busywork less

32. Procrastinate less

33. Multitask less

34. Hurry less

35. Overcommit less

36. Complain less

37. When in doubt, take the interesting route

38. Be where you are

39. Ready, fire, aim, repeat

40. Popularity does not equal quality

41. Someone else’s shoes are often painful because of how comfortable they feel

42. Sometimes I can be too clever for my own good

43. The more I serve, the more I receive

44. Future me always appreciates thoughtful current me

45. Yes, and

46. Nature and nurture

47. Quick to listen, slow to speak

48. Step up

49. Show up

50. One bite at a time

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All Euph-Hearted Stuff

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