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The Bando Manifesto

The Bando Manifesto


To my fellow Bandos:

When I was a member of The Spartan Marching Band at Michigan State Univeristy (Go Green!), we called ourselves Bandos. Bandos looked out for other Bandos. We were a team, a family. 

It occurs to me now, more than a few years later, that that team, that family transcends schools, professions, age, background. My 11 year old is as much a Bando as I am. We all belong to that team, that family. 

I have often said that I joined band in 6th grade and never left. This manifesto is for ALL Bandos. Consider it a work in progress. Add what you like. We are better than me! 

Bandos unite!


Lance LaDuke

Music Practice Coach

Bando for Life (BFL)


1. When you realize you are out of step, get back in.

2. If you're not sure if you're in tune, change. If it sounds better, stay there. if not, go the other way!

3. Plumes, spats, shakos and polyester are perfectly acceptable fashion choices.

4. When it's time to lead, lead. When it's time to follow, do that.

5. It’s better to sound right than to be right.

6. Listen down. 

7. Breathe.

8. If you improve, the band improves.

9. Nerd is in the ear of the beholder.

10. Looking for a friend?  Start in the band room.

11. First chair and last chair are closer than you think.

12. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals.

13. Tradition is a bad reason to keep doing bad things.

14. Play out. We need to hear you!

15. Listen more than you talk.

16. Practice is what happens before you get to rehearsal. 

17. Subdivide.

18. There is a way to help. Find it!

19. Take the blame. Share the credit.

20. Bring a pencil. 

21. Do what you are supposed to do. Even when nobody is looking. 

22. Band is life. Just more fun.

23. Melody, harmony or rhythm. Which are you?

24. If you can help, you must.

25. When in doubt, listen.

26. Strong and wrong! If you're going to mess up, do it big!

27. Accept the fear and act anyway. 

28. Don’t wait to be told to do what you know you should. 

29. Turn in your stuff on time. 

30. The metronome and tuner are your friends. Love them. Seriously.

Talking to Audiences

Talking to Audiences

Twitter Tips!

Twitter Tips!