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Welcome to my site! I hope you find something to interest or entertain you. If not, at least you can see what I would look like as a cartoon!

All Euph-Hearted Stuff

All Euph-Hearted Stuff

Stuff I read

Seth Godin's blog is pretty much the only thing I read EVERY day. Check it out!

Arts Journal collects all the major arts-related stories in the news and compiles them into a very useful resource.

Barbara Conable's book on Body Mapping. Must read!

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield will help andy artist out of any self-inflicted jam.

Flow. Amazing book. Tough at times but well worth the effort.

Bold will hurt your brain. But in a good way. Resistance is futile. And dumb. 

Kevin Kelley is the guy who originated the "1,000 true fans" concept. This book offers a great analysis of what is to come. 

Stuck? Designing Your Life is one of my most-often recommended books to folks at a crossroads.

Business Model You is the other one.

Stuff for Euph-hearted people to join, buy or read

International Tuba Euphonium Association (ITEA)

Leonard Falcone International Euphonium-Tuba Festival

Fredericksburg Brass Institute

International Euphonium-Tuba Festival

Just for Brass online store online store

Dave Werden's site has articles, history, and super-euphonium-nerd-deep-dive stuff.

Stuff I make my students buy and (hopefully) use

Breathing Gym and Brass Gym are available through Focus on Music.

The Walter Beeler Method books are the ones I always used with young players. Loved them. Logical layout. Duets for student and teacher right in the book. Nice progression of exercises.

Arban's Complete Method. Mandatory.

Rochut (Bordogni). Ditto.

For technical etudes, I like both Voxman and Tyrell.

ITEA Fucik Uke Article

ITEA Fucik Uke Article

50 Things I Think I Know

50 Things I Think I Know