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Welcome to my site! I hope you find something to interest or entertain you. If not, at least you can see what I would look like as a cartoon!

Wonderful Time of the Year

Wonderful Time of the Year




Oh, oh, it’s finally here,

That wonderful time of the year


When I was a boy at my Grandmother’s house,

They bought out the presents to share

All of my cousins got lots of new toys,

But I just got new underwear


When I was in high school, I walked through my town,

Admiring the lights and the trees

I had my heart set on a black BMW,

But instead I got white BVDs


I came home from college once Christmas to find

My family all in the front room

I ripped up the papers and I untied the bows,

But the tags all read “Fruit of the Loom”

Well now that I’m older, with kids of my own,

I know just what I’ve got to do

Gonna get in my car, gonna go the the shopping mall,

And I’ll buy them underwear too


Well, it is my belief,

That it’s best to be brief,

At this Wonderful Time of the Year

Yo Mama

Yo Mama

Ode to Red Pretty

Ode to Red Pretty