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Welcome to my site! I hope you find something to interest or entertain you. If not, at least you can see what I would look like as a cartoon!

Yo Mama

Yo Mama


(To the melody for “Mother”)

Y is for the Years your Mother gave you

O is for her Omnipresent love

M is for the many Meals she made you

A ‘cause she’s an Angel from above

M because Mom made you use you Manners

A ‘cause she’s the one that you Adore

Put ‘em all together it’s; YO MAMA

And that is who this song is for

Who’s the woman that put you to bed,

Each night with a kiss on the cheek?

And who would comb the hair on your head,

And bathe you at least once a week?

Your Mama,

Yeah, your Mama

Who’s the person that took you to school,

To learn your A-B-Cs?

And who would wipe your mouth when you’d drool,

And your nose when you’d sleep,

Your Mama,

Yeah, your Mama

And who is the person that the whole world knows,

Is filled with evil and sin?

Our anger at this lunatic grows and it grows,

Like the hair on their chin?


Not your mama

What lovely creature is loyal and strong,

Qualities we all could use?

But please be careful if you bring them along,

‘Cause they might just spit on your shoes.

A llama,

Not your Mama

She went to the Bahamas

With the Dalai Lama,

And Barack Obama

They at bananas

At Benihana’s

In their pajamas

With Madonna

Your Mama

Grandma's Fruitcake

Grandma's Fruitcake

Wonderful Time of the Year

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