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Welcome to my site! I hope you find something to interest or entertain you. If not, at least you can see what I would look like as a cartoon!

Dan the Unwise Man

Dan the Unwise Man


Listen to my tale about a man.

To get to Bethlehem he had a plan.

Well he wasn’t like the rest,

He came from the West,

And he thought that he knew best but poor old Dan,

Was an unwise man.

To help him on his journey, he would need,

An animal to be his trusty steed.

But his camel, Bob, was scary,

Mean and kind of hairy.

He was a three-humped dromedary, yes indeed.

How could Dan succeed?

Well, the Wise Men came to Bethlehem, with gifts of oil and fur.

They brought the Baby Jesus gold, frankincense and mhyrr.

Dan and Bob got lost and showed up seven weeks later.

And the only gift they had for him was an autographed picture of Raymond Burr.

(to “O Tannenbaum”)

Oh Dan and Bob, oh Dan and Bob,

How lovely is your camel?

Although the odor he emits,

Would melt your teeth enamel.

They say in life, you take your lumps.

But think of Bob, he has three humps.

Oh Dan and Bob, oh Dan and Bob,

The smelly, tri-humped camel.

It’s time to tell you what this story means.

The message is quite clear, so it seems.

If you have to do a job,

And your camel’s name is Bob,

Don’t do the thing that brought Dan to his knees.

Don’t feed your camel beans.

The Swan

The Swan

Grandma's Fruitcake

Grandma's Fruitcake