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Independence Day

Independence Day


The day that comes just once a year,

For eating hot dogs and drinking beer, hey, hey, Independence Day

Parades are lots of fun, of course,

Unless you are behind a horse, neigh, neigh, Independence Day

Elephant ears and taffy pulls

Beauty queens in convertibles,

Watching the floats with kids so sweet,

Except they eat candy off the street,

It’s gross to eat candy off the street

You shouldn’t eat stuff that’s been near your feet

And if you don’t think that’s enough,

Tonight we're gonna blow up stuff, okay, Independence Day

Sparklers and cherry bombs,

Delight your dads but not your moms, no way, Independence Day

The fireworks will be so bright,

They’re gonna give your dog a fright,

The only thing that’s left to say, is

Did you bring the new bug spray?

I told you to bring the new bug spray.

This one is empty, what the hey?

And when the final boom is through,

You’ll look at me, I’ll look at you, hey, hey, Independence Day

We'll try to find a shooting star,

Because we cannot find our car, no way, Independence Day

Hey, hey, Independence Day

I guess we’ll stay, Independence Day

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