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When the Band Nerds Rule the World

When the Band Nerds Rule the World


NOTE: This song is set to the melody of the euphonium solo in the Holst Second Suite in F. With great respectfulness of course. 

When the band nerds rule the world

We will all come walking down the street

With plumes and shakos on our heads

And with spats upon our feet

If the football team wants to use our field

We’ll throw our heads back and laugh

Eleven minutes we will yield

Right before we play our second half

So remember that we warned you

That the band nerds will all rise up one day

For Grainger, Sousa, King and Holst

Wrote the songs we like to play

You will hear our trumpets and sousaphones

While we will march with artistry and class

And if you don’t like what we do 

You can kindly kiss us our shiny glockenspiel