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LANCE LADUKE is internationally known as an educator, writer, speaker and performer (euphonium, trombone, singer and enthusiastic ukulele-ist). Lance teaches at Carnegie Mellon University, as Artist Lecturer in Euphonium, Freshman Advisor and Coordinator of Special and Creative Projects. Additionally, he teaches classes in music business, marketing and communications as part of the Music Entrepreneurship Program, and coaches and mentors a variety of chamber ensembles. He is also Adjunct Professor of Euphonium at Duquesne University. Lance is a former member of international touring quintet Boston Brass,  the United States Air Force Band in Washington DC and the River City Brass Band, the only full time professional brass band in the country. 

Lance has performed with some of the finest ensembles in the country,  from the Brass Band of Battle Creek to The Philadelphia Orchestra. He has taught and/or given masterclasses at some of the world’s finest universities and conservatories, including Juilliard, the Royal Academy of Music in London, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the Tatui Conservatory in Brazil. He has appeared on over thirty recordings, has produced ten others and has toured extensively throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia. His performances have been seen and heard on countless television and radio programs and Lance has appeared onstage with such artists as Henry Mancini, Doc Severinsen, Morton Gould, Morgan Freeman, and Frederick Fennell.

A graduate of Michigan State University, Lance received a bachelor’s degree in Music Education, with a cognate in English. After graduate study at the University of Akron (euphonium performance) and George Mason University (instrumental conducting), Lance joined the United States Air Force Band in Washington D.C. While there, he performed for two presidents, countless dignitaries and heads of state and in hundreds of protocol functions, ceremonies, and public relations tours. He maintained a Top Secret security clearance, played for well over a million people from the White House to Red Square, and can be seen (with a magnifying glass) in the movie A Clear and Present Danger.

Lance has written for countless organizations, including sketches for radio, stage and themed attractions. He studied comedy improv and was a member of several improv troupes and regularly steps in front of audiences around the country in a number of character and comic roles. Lance co-wrote and produced (with Deanna Swoboda) Band Blast Off, a band recruiting DVD and is currently in development on another. His comedy songs, including a touching elegy to a dead goldfish and a song about getting underwear for Christmas, are available for viewing through Additionally, he has recently launched a speaking career, sharing his ideas on practice, leadership, and self-development. 

His book, “Music Practice Coach, Five Workouts to Get the Most Out of  Your Practice Time!” is available through or in all ebook formats. Lance is an Educational Ambassador for Jupiter Band Instruments. 


"a dazzling exhibition of virtuosity" Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Soloist Lance LaDuke won the crowd with his euphonium..." Charleston (WV) Daily News

"Lance LaDuke showed off his outstanding euphonium abilities..." Daytona Beach News

"...Lance LaDuke performed by memory with a flair for the dramatic and met the technical challenges easily and as an advanced performer. His tremendous range and tonguing ability mesmerized the audience until the end when they erupted in applause and amazement." Brownwood (TX) Bulletin

"Lance LaDuke is one of those rare individuals who is a master educator, a world-class performer, and - simply put- a remarkable human being, all wrapped around a brilliant perceiver of life"

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser


I recall his "Say Yes" attitude. 

He was hilarious, and had a lot of "right place at the right time" situations happen in his career.

I remember most the drive and passion that Mr. LaDuke throughout the story of his career. It was wonderful to hear his journey, and how he was able to make things happen though hard work and guts, rather than it just falling into his lap. 

I thought he had an awesome sense of humor, which was very engaging. I remember him talking about his life and how he moved a lot of places without having a job, but it somehow worked out for him. I thought this was very inspiring to people that are close to the end of their academic careers. At least for me, it gave me hope that I could also be successful even in a new place.

I liked that he represents a musician who has done it out. Reminds me that other than practicing, I need to have the drive and be open to anything. 

It is important to say "Yes" as often as possible. 

His book, the Practice Coach, has become a very important part of my practicing, and I am currently apply the techniques in the book in my practice sessions. 


Best class i've taken and will be the most useful in life!

This was great. Lance tailored our Independent Study to my needs and really gave me a chance to learn and grow. No hand-holding, but a wonderful support/advice system when I needed it. He helped me to launch a "trumpet + electronics performance a bar" type of show, which I will continue to improve upon and perform.

Very helpful, we all walked away from the course with tangible resources.

I thought this was an awesome class and extremely useful to anyone who wants to be a successful musician today.

Lance RULES! He has incredibly helpful things to say and really knows how to improve a group in a fun, effective way! #lance4prez

Here's a recent interview I did from the great blog by David Brubeck, The Fourth Valve:

An article from an appearance at a PMEA regional conference:

Philip Biggs is a dear friend and is the publisher of The Brass Herald magazine. Subscribe at

Philip Biggs is a dear friend and is the publisher of The Brass Herald magazine. Subscribe at

I play Jupiter XO euphoniums and trombones. They are great horns and great folks to work with. Visit  for more information.

I play Jupiter XO euphoniums and trombones. They are great horns and great folks to work with. Visit for more information.



As seen above, I play XO Brass. I love their horns and am proud to serve as an Educational Ambassador for them. Here are the horns I play:

Euphonium, XO 1270, silver,

Trombones, XO 1028 (straight horn), and XO 1236 (F attachment),


I recently switched to Parker Mouthpieces. Mike is doing amazing work and I am a HUGE fan!


My favorite uke is my purple fluke from Flea Market Music. They also have a great line of recordings, books and teaching materials.