Letter to Santa

(best if read while humming Silent Night)

Lance LaDuke

Dearest Father Christmas,

In this time of financial uncertainty and excess commercialism, it’s important for us to reflect on what is truly important. Rather than focusing on the latest gadget or shiny bauble, we should stop for a moment, amid the hustle and bustle of the season and consider the gifts already around us, newly fallen snow, a warm cup of cocoa with a loved one, a cute little kitten, playing with a ball or yarn. 

Only then will we begin to realize what it is that makes this season so special, so memorable. 

So Santa, that is my wish for this year, for us each to pause and be thankful for that newly fallen snow, that warm cup of cocoa with loved ones, the cute little kitty cat playing with that ball of yarn. 

That is what I want, this year Santa. That, and an 98 inch flat screen TV with surround sound and a subscription to the NFL Network.