Ode to Red Pretty

So sad. Keep your tissues handy.

Lance LaDuke

Good-bye Red Pretty, goodbye. Why did you have to die?

You were so pretty, you were so red

And now we’re sorry because you’re dead

The song of your life, we’ll still be humming

Long after you pass through our plumbing

Good-bye Red Pretty, good-bye

Goodbye Red Pretty, goodbye. U left us & we wonder why

Will you live on, do fish have soul?

We contemplate beside this bowl

We’ve cried so much our tissues are mushy

Our tears have been flowing since you became sushi

Good-bye Red Pretty, good-bye

Good-bye Red Pretty, goodbye. Just an old softy am I

It’s you Red Pretty that we’d like to thank

As you now pass from tank to tank

Our eyes all water and our faces blush

So long old friend, it’s time to flush 

Good-bye Red Pretty, good-bye