Hello, my name is Lance LaDuke.

I have been very fortunate in my career to play with some amazing groups (Boston Brass, Philadelphia Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony, USAF Band in Washington DC, River City Brass, Brass Band of Battle Creek) with some amazing musicians (Henry Mancini, Doc Severinsen, Morton Gould, Morgan Freeman and Frederick Fennell) in some amazing places (all 50 states and 30-some countries) and have taught some amazing students (at CMU, Duquesne, Royal Academy of Music in London, Juilliard, Hong Kong Academy, Tatui Conservatory in Brazil) and am devoting the rest of my career to helping the next generation of musicians (and those who teach them) in any way I can. 

Please feel free to reach out via social media or via email and let me know how I can help you and/or your students. Below, you'll find links to a variety of (hopefully) useful information. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my posts, musings and goofy songs and I wish you all the best!

I recall his “Say Yes” attitude.
— Clinic Participant

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“Lance LaDuke is one of those rare individuals who is a master educator, a world-class performer, and - simply put- a remarkable human being, all wrapped around a brilliant perceiver of life”
— Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser

Special thanks to Alisa Milthorp for making me look as normal as possible! Check out her work (and hire her!) by visiting http://www.alisagarinphotography.com/.

“a dazzling exhibition of virtuosity”
— Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

To checkout the "Lance LaDuke" Spotify playlist which includes Boston Brass, The United States Air Force Band, The River City Brass Band, The Brass Band of Battle Creek, Michigan State University and the project Andrew Hitz and I co-released a few years back., click PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC.

To buy my 2002 solo album, "Take A Walk," visit http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lanceladuke.

To buy a copy of the Nothing But Valves brass quartet CD (ignore the photo/read the comment), click HERE.

“Soloist Lance LaDuke won the crowd with his euphonium...”
— Charleston (WV) Daily News
I liked that he represents a musician who has done it all. Reminds me that other than practicing, I need to have the drive and be open to anything.
— Clinic Participant



As seen above, I play XO Brass. I love their horns and am proud to serve as an Educational Ambassador for them. Here are the horns I play:

Euphonium, XO 1270, silver, http://www.xobrass.com/euphoniums/1270.html#

Trombones, XO 1028 (straight horn), http://www.xobrass.com/trombones/1028.html and XO 1236 (F attachment), http://www.xobrass.com/trombones/1236.html


I recently switched to Parker Mouthpieces. Mike is doing amazing work and I am a HUGE fan! http://www.parkermouthpieces.com/

Lance RULES! He has incredibly helpful things to say and really knows how to improve a group in a fun, effective way! #lance4prez
— Former Student


My favorite uke is made by Lanikai http://lanikaiukuleles.com/ and I also love my purple fluke from Flea Market Music. Flea Market also has a great line of recordings, books and teaching materials.  https://www.fleamarketmusic.com/Default.asp


His book, the Practice Coach, has become a very important part of my practicing, and I am currently apply the techniques in the book in my practice sessions. 
— Clinic Participant