Father's Day Sea Chanty

Fer yer dear ol' Pappy

Lance LaDuke

CHORUS: It’s Father’s Day again my friend, it’s Father’s Day again (rpt.)

For Father’s Day I’ll tell ya, me Dad was quite a guy   

And underneath his patch I was the apple of his eye

Although we never got along, to tell you all the truth

He never did forgive me for the time I stole his tooth!


Me pappy had a parrot, and Polly was it’s name

So I breaded it with crackers and I cooked it o’er a flame

Me Paw smelled worse than Black Beard, more foul than Captain Cook

In fact he nearly sank the ship when he made me pull his hook


I really miss me Pappy, it’s him I’d like to thank

But sadly, we’ve not spoken since I made him walk the plank

So if you’ve got a Father, here’s something I would beg

Even if you don’t get along, don’t chop down his leg!